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  • I am a wedding & family photographer based in Greenville NC. I love shooting and enjoy traveling throughout the United States for different photography events.

    To me, photography is a personal experience that allows a moment to be captured in time. My clients know that our time together usually involves lots of interaction and tons of laughter. The experience is designed to be fun and non stressful!

    I hope each of you visiting my page have had a chance to connect in some fashion to my images and I hope you return again soon!

    Thanks to each of my clients that allow me to be a part of their are what makes my business what it is! Until we meet again..Laurie

    and a big thanks to Shannon B. Atkins Photography for my fabulous bio picture!!

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Wedding – Rock Springs – Greenville NC – Paige & Jonathan

Again long past due but well worth the wait!! The day of their wedding, we watched the radar as rain approached. But rain or no rain, these guys where as cool as a cucumber. To them the rain wasn’t what defined their day but it was the love they had for each other. But as quick as the rain came in, it left just as quickly! With the snappy movement of the Rock Springs staff, the chairs where wiped down and guests where directed to the beautiful little gazebo where after riding in her pure white carriage Paige joined Jonathan to become husband and wife. It was perfect and simple, such a representation of the couple I had come to enjoy working with so much!

And even though I could probably end there, I have to share one of the things that struck me to the heart with this sweet couple. The devotion and love to their family was beyond moving!!  From day one they not only spoke it with their words but they demonstrated with their actions how important family is to them. They told me of weekly meals that are a family ritual, they shared with me stories of their most adorable little nephew that everyone loved, and when we talked about places that meant a lot to them for their engagement pictures they chose home… how awesome!!!

Paige and Jonathan, I know it’s long over due but I couldn’t just post the pictures without sharing how you and your wedding touched me!! I wish you guys years and years of happiness and tons more memories as you continue this journey with each other!! But before you see my favs, if you haven’t seen their slideshow  CLICK HERE !!


Family Portrait – Outer Banks NC – Shannon & Grant

There is something about a childhood friend hiring you that gives you the “I’m really grown up” feeling!!! Sure we have memories from childhood, lots of laughs to reminisce on but there is nothing that says when you’re friends grow up whatever service they offer you must use it. If anything, once you are grown up and the money you spend is your own, you are a lot more diligent and careful with how it’s spent. So when I get that call or email from an old friend that is choosing me to capture a specific moment, something inside of me leaps a little. It says, you’ve made an impression…. you just aren’t a silly teenager anymore, you are a professional in your field and this friend is trusting you to stop time with your camera!!  So I have to take a moment to say thanks to Shannon and Grant!!  Thanks for inviting into your home and for letting me share in your day, I know it was almost a year ago but I wanted you to know how wonderful you both made me feel!! I’m so glad the rain held out for us to do your session, I’ll always laugh at us running off the beach getting pelted with rain…. you guys are true champs!!


Engagement Photography – Greenville NC – Morgan & Matt

Morgan and Matt captured my heart from the get go, why you may ask? Because like so many living in Greenville we have a common bond!! We live in no other than Pirate Nation, where we where purple and gold with a passion and at the beginning of the fourth quarter cheer loudly as the “No Quarter” flag is hoisted high in the sky, we are Pirates!! So it wasn’t even a question that part of their session would be done at Dowdy – Ficklen Stadium, where all the magic happens!!

But my sessions don’t ever stop in one place…. so to make this session complete we also ventured to River Park North and then to a little spot I knew of near my son’s school. The light at the park was pretty close to perfect and Morgan wore the cutest dress to “my little spot” (it had pockets!!) So in my opinion this session was as close to perfection as it gets!!! Take a look at my favs and you be the judge!!



Senior Rep – Sadie

Just a heads up I’m going to try to get back on track with blogging so know that some of the posts you’ll see poopping up are from (I’m emabrassed to say) about a year ago. The lack of prescence on the blog doesn’t mean I didn’t love the images, it just means it got pushed to the back burner.  But I’m hoping that’s a thing in the past and with some delegence and hard work I can catch up! So hang on tight, some posts are about to start rolling!!

So for the very first post, I can think of no better person to start with than Sadie!!! Sadie has graduated and moved on to college but last year she was gracious enough to be one of my Senior models for 2011-2012 school year. Not only was Sadie a beautiful girl on the outside but she was well rounded with school, dance, sports, work, and her service in the community.  Her natuaral beauty was combined with manners and a plesant spirit that let me know she was the perfect person to represent Crutchfield Photography!

Sadie I hope you are having an amazing first year in college!!  I knew when I met you, you where destined for success, thanks again for being so willing to help!! And now on to just a few of my favs!!


Sadie - October 3, 2012 - 12:59 pm

It was an amazing experience! I would love to work with you again!

Melissa & Justin – Wedding – Greenville NC

Whenever I think of Melissa and Justin I get tickled!!  I make it my job to get my couples to relax and laugh in front of my camera but I think Justin made it his job to make me laugh!! By the time we reached the wedding day it was like he could read my mind… “I know you want us to kiss!!”  And of course he was right….. all married couples need to kiss!!!

But beyond the kissing, my favorite part of  Melissa and Justin was seeing them laughing with each other. When Melissa laughs with Justin it’s almost as if her eyes light up. I’ve always believed laughter was good medicine and so it’s my wish for these guys that they laugh together (and kiss) for the next 75 years!!!!

And although I know you guys just wanna see my favs, I just have to say one more thing, I love how this couple chose the perfect spot for their ceremony. They chose a spot that was significant to them, a place that was familiar and by the water!!  They had their amazingly obedient dog in their ceremony, and they incorporated themes such as their dog and the beach throughout their entire decor. So for people that ask me if I get tired of doing weddings all the time, my response is always “No!!”  Because clients like this make sure their wedding is unique and perfect to them!

Now on to what you’ve been waiting for… my favs!!!!

Morgan - April 19, 2012 - 8:28 am

Is that the groom’s cake?!?! AWESOME!

Laurie - April 20, 2012 - 1:54 pm

no it’s not a cake, it was part of their decor :) :)