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  • I am a wedding & family photographer based in Greenville NC. I love shooting and enjoy traveling throughout the United States for different photography events.

    To me, photography is a personal experience that allows a moment to be captured in time. My clients know that our time together usually involves lots of interaction and tons of laughter. The experience is designed to be fun and non stressful!

    I hope each of you visiting my page have had a chance to connect in some fashion to my images and I hope you return again soon!

    Thanks to each of my clients that allow me to be a part of their are what makes my business what it is! Until we meet again..Laurie

    and a big thanks to Shannon B. Atkins Photography for my fabulous bio picture!!

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SNOW DAYS….. 2014

So I’m going to break it up and do some recent sessions for just a bit. Now I’m pretty good at planning sessions but I also like spur of the moment, lets make it work sessions. I would say these images completely fit the later category… like can you be here in 30 minute sessions!!! Eastern North Carolina has had some unusual snow this year but this particular snow was insanely good to photograph in… within 2 hours everything was covered (not dusted, covered) it was fluffy and beautiful and totally not the norm for what we usually get!! I knew that as amazing as it was, it would quickly disappear so I went to town (well not literally to town) actually out my door and in a field, but in a winter wonderland you would never know!!! It was soooo fun and prob (from a photographers view) my favorite snow of the year!!!



Yep, it’s a year later but I still wanna show off my sweet friend, Rebecca!! Senior pictures can be sooo much fun because seniors are young and care free.  If I stop on the side of the road and tell them to jump in a cluster of flowers they do it and believe it or not, the results are superb!! But this lil chica worked my camera like vanilla ice cream on apple pie…. like coffee on a cold morning… like Frosty on a snowman… I’m not sure if you got any of that but what I’m saying is she was extremly delightful to work with!!! We laughed and carried on and for a small moment I remembered what it was like to be 18 and lighthearted again!! Rebecca, I loved working with you and if you ever find the need of a photographer again I would be more than honored to do a round two!!! xo


Bridal Portrait – Oriental, NC – Jenna

Brainstorming for Jenna’s bridal session was easy as pie!! Jenna cherishes her family, adores the community she grew up in, and loves the water!! Oriental met every requirement and then some. As we ventured from spot to spot, I never had to try to hard to get her perfect smile, it really only took one word… Shion! Jenna was without a doubt, deeply and 100% in love with her fiancé and soon to be husband. And even though I knew Shion was a lil camera shy, I knew he would be more than happy about the places his bride chose to do her pictures!! But you don’t have to take my word, just check out the beautiful bride in her charming lil southern town located on the enchanting Neuse River!!


Senior – Class of 2013 – Greenville NC – Savannah

Yep, you read right Class of 2013!! Sweet Savannah is about to finish her first year of college but after seeing her images you’ll see why I had to post a few, she’s too stinkin cute to not share!!! I’ve know Savannah literally since she was just a child, so to do this session for her was a mixture of happiness and sadness for me!! Happiness that she is starting the coolest journey ever, of figuring out who she is and what she wants to do with her life but saddest because it’s just one more reminder I’m getting older!!

From the very beginning, I learned Savannah is quiet but very observant! She did her senior project with me so I got to work with her on a regular basis. She has a love for photography and a natural talent to see art in every day life. I often marveled how even in my busyness she found peace through the camera. I learned quick that her quite  manner should never be mistaken for an unsureness…. I’ll never forget on our session when I stretched her beyond her comfort zone, how she would respond to my request in a subtle but firm  ”I’d rather not!” With other clients, maybe I would try to charm them into trying my idea but with Savannah I was pretty convinced she was likely unmoving in her decision. With other clients I may have been frustrated but I also learned early on with Savannah, that even in her timidness the camera LOVED her!! She doesn’t really have a bad angle or even a bad expression. There is a certain sparkle that seems to bubble inside of her everytime I have taken her picture…. she is what many people say a natural!!!

Savannah, I’m sorry this has taken so long, you truly are a treasure!! I hope you enjoy every moment of college!!!


Wedding – Elizabethan Gardens – Manteo, NC – Molly & Myers

I remember going to Manteo on school trips and occassionally in the summer as a child but I don’t think I ever really grasped the beauty of the gardens!!  Maybe I was just too busy. Or maybe I hadn’t learned to appreciate nature’s beauty yet, but I have to say when I walked into Elizabethan Gardens to shoot Molly & Myers wedding I was simply in awe!!!! It’s my policy that my brides and grooms spend enough time with me before their wedding, that we are literally friends leading into their event. To some it may be crazy but for me it flows perfectly with my business plan. So if you combine the majestic beauty of the gardens, with friends that are relaxed and at ease in front of my camera, you can’t help but get images full of loveliness and emotion!!! 

Molly & Myers where the golden example of how to be relaxed and enjoy the day!! Whether it was a timeline that was slightly awry or a wardrobe malfunction, they handled it with grace and with a smile, making sure to enjoy every moment, memory, and slight hiccup. You see, they seemed to know a secret that sometimes isn’t discovered until it’s too late….  in the end they knew it was all going to be perfect and it was going to be their very own fantastic day!!

Molly & Myers thanks for not only allowing me to capture your memories but also allowing me into your life. I’m not sure when I realized how much I would come to adore you guys…. maybe it was when I saw your love for your dogs or maybe it was when I saw the awe inspiring Pirate nation support or it possibly could have been when you uttered the simple words… “I trust you” (Oh what sweet music to my ears!!!!) You guys are a breathe of fresh air in a crazy & busy world!! Hope to see you both soon!!! xo